Xmas cards

Thank you for the Christmas and New Year cards.
This year I received 31 cards.
Not a bad effort for someone who does not send cards.
Why bother?
It costs 70c postage + the card and it gets quickly scanned and hung on a string across the window or placed on a shelf and never really looked at again. It's sort of a boast thing; to show off your cards.
It's not that I don't care, because I do.
True friends will take no offence when I don't reciprocate with a card.
However, it is strange they they do keep persisting year after year.
They always have and they always will. The cards will continue arriving year after year.

Giving to my favourite charities is more meaningful than sending Christmas cards.
The cost of 31 cards = 31 x (0.70 + 4.00) = $145
Isn't it a more worthwhile outcome to send no cards and save $145 to give to a charity?