Stuffing, best ever!

I'm not really one to boast.
I don't flash about my titles, accreditation, memberships and awards.
I don't sleep in my Council gown. (Black is not my colour.)
I don't expect recognition when I venture out.
During my recent stint as Deputy Mayor, I didn't request a new gown with a flash stipe or two to make me stand out.
I don't wear my Council name badge (and I have a choice of gold or silver) when I go the local shops or coffee joints. If someone recognises me, then that's nice. If they don't (and I expect they won't) then that's understandable.

I'm not one to boast, but I must say that my poultry Christmas stuffing is the best. Absolutely the best and this year I exceeded expectations. It was so good that I've awarded it as the best stuffing, ever. Christmas dinner would not have been the same without Bob's special stuffing.

Home grown sage and thyme, chopped unsalted cashew nuts, chopped dried apricots, coarsely broken aged bread (sour dough bread bought locally at the Village Baker), Tandaco seasoned breadcrumbs, sliced and chopped debrachini, finely diced home made salted lime skins + drizzle of olive oil from the jar, salt, pepper, garlic, chopped onion, generous splashes of Tabasco sauce and added water so that it is just moist and not too wet.

I was annoyed. I had intended to try adding dried figs, but I forgot to buy some.
Next year, with figs it will be better (again). And maybe some fennel seeds.


  1. So modest.
    You are wasted on Council.
    You should be a chef.

  2. The long and late working hours would be tough.
    Then again, some Council meetings go until late into the night.


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