Give to the Salvos

We are the lucky country.
But our luck and good lifestyle comes at the expense of, or is in stark contrast to those less well off; those who are disadvantaged.
It’s Christmas and our thoughts turn to those who won’t have a very merry Christmas.

I was reading the back of a Christmas card sent to me.
The purchase of the card provided a donation to the Salvation Army.
I was staggered to read:
The Salvation Army helps more than one million disadvantaged Australians each year without discrimination; this includes people who are hungry, homeless, abandoned or abused; that's one person helped every 30 seconds.

One million people (out of a population of 23 million) need help from the Salvos each year. In NZ, the Salvos help 120,000 people.

Each week in Australia the Salvos provide:
·         100,000 meals for the hungry
·         2,000 beds for the homeless
·         5,000 to 8,000 food vouchers
·         1,000 people with assistance in finding employment
·         Refuge to 500 victims of abuse
·         Assistance to 500 people addicted to drugs, alcohol or gambling
·         Several thousand people with counselling
·         3,000 elderly people with aged care services
·         Family tracing services which locate 40 missing family members
·         1,000 people in the court system with chaplaincy services
Other services provided:
·         Family welfare assistance
·         Refuge for women & children in crisis
·         Homeless shelters
·         Youth drop-in centres and support programs
·         Emergency and disaster relief
·         Drug and alcohol rehabilitation
·         Counselling
·         Family Tracing
·         Bereaved by Suicide support
·         Aged care
·         Intellectual disability programs
·         Employment services and training programs
·         Rural and outback chaplains
·         Court & prison chaplains
·         Chaplains to emergency service personnel
·         Holiday camps for disadvantaged children
·         Youth recreation centres and quality child care centres in high-need areas
·         Counselling and support for children with special needs.

This Christmas, consider a gift of money to the Salvation Army.
It really is the best Aussie charity to make the most impact for those in need.


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