Forestville Reserve

I keep getting questions re the upgrade of Forestville Reserve.

Stage 2 has commenced. There is daily progress ... (at last). 
The majority of works will be completed by March 2015, subject to site and weather conditions.

The work is jointly funded by SA Government and Council.
Here is a list of the planned works:

·         Restoration of lawn areas around the skate park
·         Restoration of basketball half-court
      A new netball half-court
·         New fitness equipment, including an upgrade of the existing fitness equipment
·         Enhancement of the new culvert opening, including planting
·         Resurfacing of the skate park (currently in progress)
·         Irrigation and low and medium height vegetation along the train and tram lines
Tree species of similar mature dimensions to those that have been removed will be planted along the tram line overpass (northern side), following the completion of construction works.  This work is expected to occur in early-mid 2015 during suitable planting conditions.   

Stage 2 works already completed include the shade structure over the new playground and the restoration of lighting.

Project newsletters have been placed in the reserve, swimming centre and delivered to local residents.  Information has also been placed on Council’s website -

I am hoping that the netball half-court - a new feature - will be popular.