Councillor navigates home

At any Council, Councillors and the Mayor are recognised as community leaders. They champion the wishes of the residents, they are captains of initiatives and drivers and navigators through difficult obstacles. Their goal is to get there, to deliver outcomes.
They are meant to be representative of the broader community; and to some degree they are. They are also human and from time to time err like the rest of the people. I do and I am quick to confess and say that I got it wrong.

As a matter of decency I will withhold the name of the Unley Councillor who recently had trouble navigating home after a day trip to Victor Harbor. For some reason, she/he decided to take a bit of a scenic detour through the country-side. She/he got lost in the Meadows/Macclesfield area and seemed to be going in circles. After passing through Macclesfield for the third time, the Councillor went to the Post Office at Macclesfield (postcode 5153) and asked for directions on how to get to Adelaide.
I have reliable information from the Post Mistress at Macclesfield that the person had no idea of how to get home. The car was covered in dust from the dirt roads that had been traversed. She waved the traveller on her/his way.

So, Councillors and Mayors are human and can get into a pickle like the rest of the community. However, I must say that getting lost in Macclesfield is more than unfortunate; it is totally unacceptable and irresponsible. I’m staggered that a community leader from Unley could get lost in the bush near Macclesfield.


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