Chilli Christmas

One of the Chrissy presents I received this year came a few days early.
A neighbour down the road had a neglected pot of chilli bushes in her front garden. It had been dumped there by her Dad 6 months ago and it was making the place look untidy. It had never had a drink. She gave it to me. We agreed that if asked, her father would be told that it had been stolen.
I took it home using a sack truck; it was a huge pot.
Gave it some heavy pruning to get rid of the dead wood and to give a bit of shape.
A dressing with blood and bone, planted seeds of old shrivelled chilli berries in a few vacant spots, pea straw on top and a good soaking. A bonus - it came with a water collection base dish.
The next day I applied a special chilli fertiliser to promote flower development.
Tiny flowers are ready to burst.
It will be a forest of assorted chillies.
Who knows what type they are. It will be a surprise in a couple of months.

That's what Christmas is about.
Giving - and the joy of receiving the unexpected.