cycle journey planner

More and more people are getting on their bikes and pedalling to work or just doing it for recreation.
It’s best to keep off the main roads and stick to designated cycle paths.
Here’s a link to a cycle journey planner.
It looks good. Give it a try.

Cycle Instead Journey Planner


  1. Neat. Like it.
    An easy way to plan a trip.
    This should be on the Council website.
    In fact all Councils should have a link on their websites.

  2. a great tool.
    I now use it at school to teach kids.

  3. It would be alright if the cycle paths actually linked up where people wanted to go. The Unley Council cycling routes need to be thoroughly reviewed for location, destination and design. Most of them would rate at a 5/10 or less at a push. Few routes would rate a 7/10. There are no 10/10 paths in Unley Council area. I fully support Michael Hewitson's call for a review (which was supposed to have been fully reviewed almost 5 years ago and wasn't!!!).

    The fact is that the Cycle Instead website often indicates that major roads (i.e. Goodwood, Unley, South, Greenhill etc) are 'low traffic routes'. Use it as a guide only and use some common sense. Google Maps actually has a really good bicycle feature that shows cycling infrastructure and bicycle lanes (good and bad).

    It must also be pointed out that everyone is allowed to use the main roads, not just car drivers.


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