Unley League

I was shocked to receive an email from a candidate for Councillor in Unley.
It was from a potential Councillor, one of the newbies.
It was an invitation to join a 'League of Councillors' to stand up, to stand together.
Effectively it would be a bloc, a voting bloc, a voting faction.
I campaign hard as an Independent and won't be joining the Loony League.
Residents expect their local representative to truly represent them and not vote on issues as dictated by a faction.
Actually, it was a stupid tactical move on the part of the newbie. It will work against him/her and anyone who joins.

Councils (eg. Burnside) in the past have been disrupted by factions.
The whole fabric of local government was destroyed.
We don't want that in Unley.

Vote for a true Independent!
Vote 1 Bob Schnell.

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  1. I hate the factions in Council.
    Please fight against this new faction

  2. I do not want a voting bloc created at Unley Council.
    We need independents on Council - like you.

  3. I hate these factions in Councils.
    Hit them hard Bob.

  4. Politics and faction should not be a part of Council.
    I want someone to represent me, not someone being told how to vote by a faction.

  5. I don't want to see Unley go the way of Burnside and get split by a faction.

  6. Hi Bob,
    I don't know if its worth having ill feelings towards the League. The 14 of us in the League so far are doing something quite noble. We simply aim to give the voting public the chance to vote on the reduction of the population growth target of 560,000, and getting back control of development over $3M. The population growth target appears to be far too high and is likely to be the driving force behind councils losing control of development.

    Tackling something of this scale (ie. State Government legislation) this is much more difficult to achieve as an individual. Being a state issue it will need to involve all councils in the inner metro area at the very least.

    You might be interested to know that even councils in Melbourne, with a population of 4.2 million, are also being subjected to similar loss of control over planning. That tells you something about ponzi-economics, doesn't it?

    The sooner we start talking about the issue of high immigration and exorbitant birth payments. The sooner we can start to transition away from a ponzi-system that is putting our wildlife and future at risk.

    We in Adelaide are lucky in that we might be able to afford to have a few extra small precincts with flats, but 560,000 is far too high given the many pressures already facing us, the country and the world.

    The people of Adelaide have chosen smaller, more robust and healthy families so I don't think it's too much to ask the State Givernment to respect our democratic intelligence.

    Refering now to those in the League of Candidates Who'll Stand Up, it is a selfless thing we are doing. Megan and I are in the League and going for Fullarton as you know but others in the League are from all around Adelaide. We are putting ourselves out there, on the line, to give people a chance to vote on something the major parties at the State and Federal level have not. The chance to vote on. Our population target. We simply want to push for a more realistic number, not 560,000 and get development control back.

    Would you rather we didn't give voters the chance and band together after the election? There are many others currently outside the League who want to do this. I'm not condoning that though because personally I think it takes the choice away from voters.

    You may not agree with our position, which is fine, some people want a Big Australia, but I say let's give voters a chance. You are welcome to join still Bob. If you want to revise the target and get control of development back. I understand that the Goodwood Ward is going to have quite a heavy amount of infill.


    1. Dario that is exactly what this country needs at the moment..... forward thinking guys like you to represent us at Local Government level. You will get our votes.
      Good luck

  7. For the record, Dario is a candidate for Councillor, Fullarton Ward (Eastern Unley).


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