Greek hospitality

At the last election (in 2010) I was out door knocking in Wayville.
You meet all types of people and observe different slices of society.
At times it can be a real eye opener.
Anyway, I was out door knocking in Wayville.
It was early evening and a bit risky at that time of night.
Disrupt someone having dinner or watching the news and there’s risk of losing (rather than gaining) a vote.
Knock knock …
It was a Greek household.
Started my introduction , interrupted by come-in, come-in.
I was sat down at the kitchen table and was offered food and beverage.
I suggested a black coffee and eyed off the tasty morsels on the plate.
A bottle of Metaxa 7 Stars Greek brandy was plonked on the table.
Were they mistaken and thought that I was running for Mayor?
No, they were just being hospitable.
A few minutes of conversation at the front door was all I intended.
45 minutes later the Metaxa was still flowing.
I realised that this would be the last home to be door knocked that night.
It wouldn’t be a good look door knocking the next house and smelling of brandy.
I still have a Metaxa 7 Stars on special occasions.
I still recall the hospitality of that Greek family.

At this election, Vote 1 Bob SCHNELL


  1. Yes, the Greeks are very hospitable

  2. Always buy the 7 stars Metaxa. Forget the 5 stars bottle

  3. I will be voting Bob 1.
    Better the devil you know.

  4. The perks of door knocking


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