French Christmas Market

It’s on again – the French Christmas Market – over 2 days and 2 nights.
Presented by Alliance Française d'Adelaide at Unley Soldiers' Memorial Gardens, Unley Road.
Councillor Peter Hughes and I were the drivers to make this happen last year.

The advertising promotion reads …
This will be a great opportunity to celebrate the Franco-Australian friendship, and pay a very special tribute to the Australian soldiers who gave their lives during the First World War, with an aerial parade and a cine-concert ceremony on Friday.

On Saturday, children and adults will be able to enjoy a large choice of fun festivities, as well as the yearly launching of the Beaujolais Nouveau and a concert under the stars in the evening.

The market will feature a great panel of French specialties: from wine and cheese to delicious croissants, traditional handcrafts and gifts.

This special cultural experience will showcase over 40 South Australian businesses bringing their French inspired products and services to the community. Save the date!

Date & Time ...
Friday 28 November 2014: 5pm to midnight
Saturday 29 November 2014: 10am to 10pm

ps I did suggest a frog racing event to the organisers, but I suspect that they considered it to be a bit risqué. I even offered to call it.
pps There will definitely be more food available this year, but don't expect a hot dog.


  1. Good to hear that there will be more food this year.
    Great time last year, so am expecting a bigger event this year.
    Looking forward to tasting the new wines.

  2. It was a good event last year.
    A great cultural indulgence.
    Good news that there will be more food.
    I hope that French hot dogs are not on the menu.
    What is a French hot dog?

    1. It's probably a regular hot dog wth French Mustard (Dijon).
      As mustards go, I reckon the English do it better. I like it hot.


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