Forestville Reserve upgrade

In my election newsletter I have mentioned the upgrade of Forestville Reserve.
It was devastated by the SA Government Goodwood Junction Rail project.
Trees were removed, the fitness equipment was removed, the basketball court was lost etc. The whole eastern section near the rail line became a waste land.

In compensation, grant funding was secured to restore and improve the reserve and play area. Here are more details of the works that will start soon ...
  • Shade sail for the new playground
  • Plant lawn and grass around the skate park
  • Restoration of the basketball half-court (near the skate area)
  • Construction of a new netball court area. This should be hugely popular.
  • Lighting and landscaping around the pedestrian and cycle paths
  • Re-installation of the fitness equipment with an upgrade of some equipment
  • Improvements to the opening of the new culvert opening where it enters the creek
  • Planting around the culvert to soften the impact
  • Enhancements to the skate park - provide a smoother and safer surface
Improvements to the vegetation in the Reserver:
On the Northern side of the tram overpass some paper bark (Melaleuca) trees will be removed. These trees were assessed to be in poor health and of poor form. The area will be replanted. It will be a mix of trees of the same height and low to medium  height bushes.

The work will start soon and will be complete in early 2015.
A fantastic outcome.
A long overdue restoration of Forestville Reserve.

Vote 1 Bob Schnell to keep enhancing our local amenities, especially the parks and playgrounds.

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  1. The kids love the in ground trampoline.
    It's the best new equipment in the playground.

  2. With the new play equipment, the kids are always asking to be taken there.
    A great environment.

  3. This is a really important part of our suburb, please keep fighting for us


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