Beaut roses

During my recent walkabout across Goodwood, Wayville, Forestville and Everard Park, whilst I was delivering election leaflets and chatting to people ... I spent the time to check out people's gardens.
Spring has rushed upon us and the gardens are blooming.
The roses everywhere are fantastic.
It's the best season we've had for several years.
For so little effort, just a hard prune in winter and a spring feed and a couple of months later the roses are blooming fantastic.

Tip: after the rose petals fall off, remove the heads and they will shoot again and create a fresh mass of flowers. Don't worry about excessive pruning, but as the season progresses don't prune too far down the stem. Control how high you want the rose bush to grow.


  1. You're wasted on Council Bob.
    You should start a Gardening Column.

  2. Luv the gardening tips.
    I thought that you just prune the roses once a year in winter.

    1. When a rose bud loses its petals, prune it hard down that rose stem.
      Wander through the garden every 2 weeks and remove the dead heads.


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