2 weeks to go

There are 2 weeks before voting closes.

In Goodwood Ward there are 4 candidates.
When you review the candidates and consider their merit, ask the following questions.

Who is local and lives in the Ward?
Who is a member of a political party or has stood for State Parliament as a member of a party?
Who is a member of an activist group?

In my case, the answers are Yes, No and No.

I am the only true Local Independent.

Vote 1 Bob Schnell.

Don't waste your vote.

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  1. Bob I had a good look around the Ward today and was a bit miffed. I think someone has removed all of your posters. Not fair politics! Good luck.

  2. That's terrible to think that all of my posters have gone.
    There is a bit of a hot spot in south Goodwood (Weller/Hardy Streets) where posters don't last long.

  3. Interesting how the profiles of the other candidates don't reveal all the information.
    Are they just be economical with the truth?


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