13 @ Unley

Unley Council comprises 12 Councillors and a Mayor, all elected by the residents.
Many other SA Councils have 13 members, some more, some less.
What I'm about to say about Unley would equally apply to all other metropolitan Councils.

Council is an interesting mix of people, thrust together as a result of an election.
There are teachers, plumbers, engineers, developers, builders, pharmacists, IT dudes, journalists, lawyers, retirees, you name it ... Actually, there is no plumber on Council.
13 people are brought together and meet weekly and socialise at Council and community events.
13 people who would normally not socialise with many of the others outside Council.
The group is somewhat, but not overly, representative of the community at large.
Many are described as community leaders and yet most were not prior to getting elected. Once on Council you become (or are considered) a community leader and representative.
Where am I going with this? ...
We are strangers brought together.
We bond and associate when normally we wouldn't (by personal choice).
We get rides (car pooling) with others.
We have few close personal relationships eg. a BBQ at their place.

It's an interesting social interaction.
We meet, do our business, have a beverage and perhaps cheese and bread and then depart to go our own ways; back to our world.
A week or so later, we come together again.
Those few real friendships you develop are so special.

After this election there will be a different bunch of 13 elected members.
It will be the same again, but with different personalities and chemistry.

Remember, Vote 1 Bob Schnell.

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  1. An interesting reflection on the make up of Council.

  2. How can a group of 11 men and 2 women be representative of the Unley community?

  3. I agree with you. 2 women out of 13 is woeful.
    I did say that it was somewhat, but not overly representative.
    We get what the ballot delivers.
    We need more women to nominate.
    I'm disappointed that in Goodwood Ward there is no female candidate.


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