Vote 1 for Bob

Nominations for the Council election have closed.

Here are the full names and addresses of the other candidates for Goodwood Ward in the order in which they will appear on the ballot paper:

Luke Peter Smolucha
18 Hardy Street, Goodwood

Bob Schnell
10 Halmon Avenue, Everard Park

Benjamin Bruce Holland
36 Highgate Street, Highgate

Thomas Richard Russell Jones
14 Cranbrook Avenue, Millswood

Vote 1 Bob Schnell


  1. An interesting line up.
    Not all seem to live in the local area.

  2. Bob, you will get my vote again.
    Who do you suggest for number 2?

    1. Thanks Tony.
      It's early days.
      I'm still assessing who is who, who stands for what, who will be best, who can do the leg work and put in the long hours.
      I've eliminated one, down to two.
      A tough choice.
      Then again, it should (and will) be your choice.


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