Millswood overhead path

Here’s an update on the new overhead cycle/pedestrian path over Goodwood Road, adjacent to Millswood Railway Station.
  • The path was closed for a few weeks to replace the concrete inserts. The old ones were decaying and dropping bits on the passing traffic.
  • Since re-opening it has regained its popularity. There is a huge amount of people who regularly use this crossing. (How else do you cross Goodwood Road in this vicinity?)
  • Good news for the ratepayers – the actual repair bill (of $74k) was half that expected.
  • As promised, the Department of Transport will fund 50% of the expense.
  • Also, the Department of Transport has accepted responsibility for future maintenance.

Now, all we need is for Millswood Station to re-open.
This is expected in 2 months. I have been lobbying for the re-opening prior to the last State Election.


  1. I use it every day. It gets very busy.
    Can't wait for the trains to stop at Millswood.


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