Goodwood Vibe

Last night I attended Goodwood Vibe, the Mayor's Community Round Table @ the Goodwood Institute (the former home of Urban Myth).
Key Goodwood identities were present.
Our challenge was to identify how to generate more vibe about Goodwood Road.
How to get more people to shop, eat and be entertained @ Goodwood.
It was a great night of buzz and ideas.
I look forward to the rejuvenation of Goodwood.


  1. I think the only way to get the vibe in Goodwood would be to form a " Think Tank " of local and SA business people and leave Local Govt off the list and then a list of ideas presented to Council for final legislative and procedural formality.

  2. Gordon, the people who gathered were the Think Tank of locals - or at least those who were seeding the progress of rejuvenating Goodwood.
    Local Government does these things better than the other spheres of Government.


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