Going Solo

Recently, Unley Council negotiated a new waste management contract.
As a result, the SOLO Resource Recovery company will handle all waste disposal in Unley.

From a resident’s perspective, has anything changed? No.
Trucks with arms will still pickup and empty your bins.
Do the Blue, Yellow and Green bins get collected on the same day as before? Yes.
The only change might be the time when the bins are collected.
As always, put your bins out the night before.
It saves that mad dash in the morning in your pyjamas.

The change will take effect on Monday 22 September.

For all bin repairs, missed collections, theft and other collection enquiries you are advised to contact the Waste Hotline on 8159 5059.


  1. It's amusing to see people in theirs PJs doing the mad dash in the morning.
    I saw one man just in his jocks.


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