Axe Man on Tram

The Show is alive in Goodwood and Wayville.
There’s a huge background buzz.
I live a kilometre away and I can hear the noise – screams, rides, cars on the track and the nightly fireworks.
The local area has been transformed by the huge influx of people.
Cars are heavily parked in nearby streets.
Next year we must extend the limited time parking zones to help the residents.
The trams and trains are chockers with people travelling to the Show.
It is interesting to observe those who go to the Show.
You get all types, each with different expectations.
Some go just for the rides; others go to inspect the livestock and poultry; others go to see … there’s a huge range of what to see.
If you’re thinking of getting a dog or cat (or budgerigar) it’s an ideal time to check out breeds and colours and talk with breeders.

Now, back to the travellers on the tram …

At any other time of the year you would be concerned about a passenger carrying an axe. At Show time, it’s quite acceptable for axe-men (and axe-women) to carry their axes on the tram.


  1. you get all sorts on the tram.
    The axe-men dont look out of place.


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