Urban Myth departs

It is sad news that Urban Myth (the youth theatre group) is about to initiate voluntary liquidation. It is financially unsustainable with a mountain of debt.
Finding funds and grants has become too difficult.
Urban Myth has been a part of Unley for 30 years.
They used to be housed in a modest cottage on the Village Green behind the Council Civic Centre. I remember attending Shakespeare plays held outdoor on the Green.
A few years ago they moved to a larger and more expensive accommodation at the Goodwood Institute (on corner of Victoria Street and Goodwood Road).
Last year, Unley Council provided an interest free loan of $30k.
It just didn’t work out.
The business plan didn’t work.

Last night at the Council meeting, many of the youths stayed.
(They had artistically littered the entrance to the Council with props, posters, costumes and clothes to make their presence known.)
They wanted to ask a question about future support, especially where they could hold workshops that were scheduled for the remainder of 2014.
Unley CEO answered by saying that every effort would be made to try to accommodate their workshop sessions.
I hope that will happen.