Tram plants

Good news.
At the intersection of the tramline and Leah Street, Victoria Street and Aroha Terrace ... this area will be planted with trees and shrubs (mostly shrubs) starting next Monday 18 August.
This will soften the blow of the current barren landscape.

I have been campaigning for this over the last 12 months (hhmmm, maybe longer).
It was devastating to lose that last tree that had potential to overhang the power lines.

With the warmer weather and spring approaching, it should look good in a few months.
I encourage local residents to adopt the plants and help provide extra watering.
Maybe the nearby shops could get involved.


  1. It will be nice to have some greenery in this area.

  2. At last. Thanks for pursuing this.
    A pity we can't have back some of the larger trees.


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