Squashing Caterpillars

I used to squash caterpillars and spray fruit trees to kill them.
It used to be gardening rule 101 ... kill the caterpillars.

These days I'm more squeamish and step over the caterpillars and don't spray the fruit trees. Let nature take its course and leave the caterpillars alone.

The outcome has been astounding.
Over the past 10 years there has been a huge increase in the number of butterflies in my backyard. They tend to stay in the area where they 'emerge'.

Let other life forms be and don't worry about a few holes in the spinach.
Don't squash the caterpillars.
Then again, I don't tolerate any resident fruit rats.


  1. It's horrible to think that people will deliberately squash another life form.
    Congrats on your transformation.
    Remember, one day you might come back as a caterpillar.

    1. Coming back in any life form might be a bonus.
      But if there is a return I would be hoping for something, perhaps a bit better.


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