Show parking permits

This week I met with Council staff to review the temporary parking restrictions to be installed for 10 days during the Royal Show.
These restrictions happen every year.
Soon, a letter with one free parking permit will be posted to every household in the affected area ... in Wayville, Goodwood and Forestville.
Residents will be invited to request additional free permits if required.

Last year I noticed that due to heavy parking in Goodwood near the shops, local businesses were severely impacted. Residents were unable to park and shopped elsewhere. Businesses were adversely impacted.
Consequently, I asked the Council staff to extend the parking restrictions (of 1-2 hours) further south in the side streets (on the eastern side of Goodwood Road) to enable locals to park and shop.

The free permits help to make life a bit easier during the hectic Show period.
Council makes a huge effort to control parking in the area.
Remember that this year the Show runs for an extra day.