Forestville Traffic Study

Forestville/Everard Park Local Area Traffic Management Plan

Good news for the residents of Forestville and Everard Park.
At the Council meeting on 28 April 2014 I moved a motion to approve a local traffic study for Forestville and Everard Park.
The motion passed.
I had negotiated this outcome during deliberations of the budget for 2014/2015.
It was a hard won fight.
The Residents had petitioned Council and local MP Steph Key had held meetings with the residents.
There are ongoing issues of increased traffic, speeding, hoon driving and commuter rat runs through streets parallel to Leah street eg. First Avenue, Second Avenue, ...

The approved LATM (Local Area Traffic Management Plan ) study commenced a few weeks ago with traffic counts being recorded. You will notice recording devices in the local streets.
Shortly, residents will receive a letter advising dates of community meetings so that issues can be collected and solutions can be designed to alleviate the problems

Ensure that you do participate and provide feedback.

The catchment area for this study is bounded by Leader Street, Anzac Highway, South Road, the tram line and the train line.

Council is inviting you to contribute to the Forestville / Everard Park LATM Study.
The aim of the study is to develop a strategic approach to identifying and addressing key issues taking into account previous treatments undertaken and any additional measures that may be required.

Get involved when you receive the letter from from Council.
It was a hard own fight and we need to see it through.
Don't think of solutions at this stage, rather concentrate on the current issue.

If you're keen and what to provide feedback now then respond via this link to YourSay@Unley or phone the traffic staff  on 8372 5111.


  1. This is great news.
    I saw it in the WatchSA newsletter.
    Thanks for working with Steph Key and making this happen.

  2. I look forward to the meeting where we can raise issues about our street eg. the high speed of cars.
    I'm talking 80kph.


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