Bad Badge @ Wayville

Recently I noticed a huge truck with a huge trailer carrying excavated soil from the former Annesley College site. It exited Bartley Crescent the wrong way out onto Greenhill Road.
(Bartley Crescent is one way.)
In doing so it mounted the footpath.
Lucky no one was entering Bartley Cresent from Greenhill Road.
Since then I have received a call from a resident about another truck making the same exit.

I reported this matter to Council Administration who then held urgent talks with Resthaven (the site owner) and Badge (the site developer). Assurances have been given that it won’t happen again.

If you do observe a similar incident then report it to the Police and also let me know.
Provide as much detail as you can: day, time, rego …

This development will be ongoing for 9-12 months and we need to ensure that there is minimal disruption to the local Wayville community.


  1. Good to see that good Bob sorted out bad Badge


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