25% Electric Trains

I was asked by a resident in Forestville when the diesel trains to Noarlunga would be 100% replaced by electric trains.

I contacted Adelaide Metro and their response is as follows:

  1. Currently there are 6 three-car sets of electric trains.
  2. There will be a further 16 electric trains delivered by July 2015.

I've had feedback from residents living along the rail line that the train noise is slightly reduced. When we have 100% electric it will be a lot quieter, except for residents living on the Belair/freight line.

By the way, some of the more modern diesel trains will be converted to electric to extend the life of the carriages. It's also a cheap way to have a few spare trains ... just in case.


  1. Good to see that some older trains will be recycled and given electric engines.
    I didn't realise that was happening.

  2. It is still hell on the freight line.
    So much noise.

    1. Well Mabel my suggestion is to pay full price and go on a passenger train as they are quiet, more comfortable and faster.

  3. Luv the new trains.
    A nice ride into the city and not as crowded as the tram.

  4. Yes, the new trains are great. Love the colours and they are never crowded.

  5. it took me a while to get back on the trains after they were out for a year.
    Now I'm a regular again.


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