Wayville U-turns final saga

The State Government presented to an Unley Council workshop the final design for the reconstruction of the median strip along Greenhill Road.
This will impact and limit access to/from Clark and Joslin Streets in Wayville.
This design is what was suggested by the residents at the first community workshop.
At the session I attended there was a majority agreement.
The solution is a compromise.
What will be allowed is:
@ Clark, right turn out
@ Joslin, right turn in

Can Unley Council in any way influence this proposal? No!

Construction will commence after the Royal Show.


  1. I am not totally happy with the final design, but it is better than the original where right turns were banned.
    The residents banding together achieved this compromise.
    Thanks for your support.

  2. I'm pleased that the residents managed to get a compromise from the Government.
    At least we get one street with a right turn allowed.
    I hope this doesn't create traffic issues in Clark Street.
    Thanks for supporting our cause.

  3. I'm still annoyed by what is happening.
    It will be so hard to get out of Wayville.
    Yes, it is a compromise, but it will muck up local traffic.

  4. Compromise be damned! The feedback that DPTI gave is full of errors, omissions and completely misguided lies. 90% of the quotations referencing Australian Standards are incorrect or inappropriate. Economic assessment of active transport installations aren't available for us to review because they've probably not been completed. Where is the feedback from the VeloCity delegates that was requested? Where are the other items that are logical to make the pathway crossings safer? The cost of those was miniscule yet, because these additions focussing on safety of the people and access to public open space, they are deemed irrelevant.

    It is not DPTI that is compromising it is the people that use the facilities. If DPTI was serious about this there would be some significant investment in real infrastructure to allow safe access, egress and, especially, crossing of what is effectively a highway around the CBD.


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