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The function and purpose of libraries is being challenged.
Are books really out of fashion? I challenge that suggestion. Maybe they are becoming unfashionable and less read. Replaced by electronic media? Replaced by CDs, DVDs and Blu-Ray? Curling up to book is a better feel than snuggling a CD.
Whatever, the function of libraries is changing and whilst cracks of change might only appear on the surface now, there will be rapid shift in the near future.
Libraries must recognise the need to change and embrace and experiment when the opportunity arises. It’s always better to be in control and driving the change rather than playing the hard game of catch-up.
I found this interesting story about libraries in the USA that are establishing innovative and high tech facilities (aka. Workshops and Maker Labs) within the existing library.
A practical example is the installation of 3D printers. Residents can use the printers to make whatever they wish eg. a mobile phone case (yellow with pink hearts), a child’s toy, a whistle to use for schools sports, the list is endless ...

Follow this link for more information on  Books OUT and 3D printers IN for reinvented libraries.


  1. what a fantastic concept for the future library.
    It will still be a relevant place to gather, to research and to make something.
    Just so practical.

  2. luv this idea.
    the library retains its relevance even if there is a decline in book borrowings.


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