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Today is Friday and it’s Casual Day at work.
It is customary to have a charity donation tin to collect for the privilege of wearing jeans and casual clothes to work.

Earlier in the year, a female colleague visited Laos and was shocked by the stories about the impact of unexploded cluster bombs scattered across that country.
During the Vietnam War, Laos became the most bombed country on the globe with the USA dropping (amongst other ordnance) 270 million cluster bombs on the country.
Many remain unexploded.
They continue to maim and kill. Often the result is loss of limbs.

There has been a recent documentary about the efforts being made to find and destroy the cluster bombs. It has been estimated that at the current rate of progress due to a lack of substantial funding, it will take another 30-50 years.

At work, our Casual Day charity is COPE - Cooperative Orthotic and Prosthetic Enterprise which provides prosthetics and mobility devices for people who require them in Laos.
See this link for more information.

It’s a worthwhile cause and you are encouraged to contribute.


  1. Such a sad legacy of the Vietnam War.
    I am shocked by how many cluster bombs were dropped.
    I will be sending a donation to COPE.

  2. The US should be doing more to find and destroy these bombs.

    1. Totally agree. They give a paltry $12m per year and every year there is a hard fight in Congress to secure funding.


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