Whisky or Compost?

I have heard of many different types of masterclasses, mostly relating to food, cheese, wine, whisky etc.
Here is a masterclass for composting – and only $150 for 3 hours!
That’s a lot of money for 3 hours composting.
I’d prefer a masterclass on cheese or whisky – at least then you get a slab of cheese of a half bottle of whisky to take home.
The following information was sourced from the State Government Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources (DEWNR) ...
Declare war on waste at composting masterclass
Learn how to create your own natural fertiliser with the Botanic Gardens of Adelaide at the Composting: Converting Waste to Fertiliser Naturally masterclass.
The masterclass will be taught by Australia’s compost guru Tim Williams. 
The three hour masterclass will cover:
·         the benefits of composting including soil improvement, plant health, community waste management and carbon sequestration
·         processes including aerobic/thermophilic (hot) and anaerobic (cold) composting
·         compost ingredients including garden and kitchen waste, air and water
·         composting tools
·         making and managing open heaps, closed bins, worm farms and Bokashi
·         using compost including mulch, digging, potting soils and compost tea
Sunday 22 June
1.00 pm—4.00 pm
Wittunga Botanic Garden
Shepherd’s Hill Road
Cost: $150
Participants will leave with the knowledge and skills to produce abundant quantities of plant fertiliser and soil conditioner year-round from their household and garden waste.

Places are limited, visit The Australian Centre of HorticulturalExcellence website or call 08 8222 9311 for more information and registration.


  1. the website says there is free car-parking in the garden. what a bargain.
    It also confirms the cost is $150.
    I thought that maybe there was a typo.

  2. for that money I too would prefer a whisky masterclass.

  3. that's a lot of money.
    you would need to be heavily into composting.

  4. I spend hours on my compost heaps each week.
    I think it will be excellent, especially with compost guru Tim Williams hosting.


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