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A plea from the Premier's Council for Women ...
Here is an extract from a State Government website ...

Help us find out what matters to SA women

The Premier’s Council for Women wants to hear from South Australian women of all ages on what matters to them. The Council has put together a survey to find out more about women’s views on important issues such as employment, family, health and safety. You can complete the survey online at www.saplan.org.au/yoursay until Friday 13 June 2014.

The Premier’s Council for Women provides quality, independent advice to the South Australian Government and advocates for improved opportunities, wellbeing and services for all women in South Australia. Survey results will give the Council a sense of what is important to South Australian women and will guide its choice of issues to focus on over the next few years. 

You can also pick up a copy of the survey to complete from the Women’s Information Service 91-97 Grenfell St, Chesser House. Please feel free to share the link with other women in your life who live in South Australia.

Results from the survey and more information about the Council is available online at www.officeforwomen.sa.gov.au

It will be interesting to see the results of the survey.


  1. I encourage women to do this survey so that I can see what makes you tick.

  2. It was an interesting survey.
    Hope my feedback will have some impact.


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