Leah Street greening

For some time I have been pushing to have the land adjacent to the junction of Leah Street, Forestville and the tram-line landscaped and made more attractive.
Work has started.
A small paved access path (with bollards) will enable the required access to railway service vehicles.
The surrounds will have rocks and native vegetation.
There will also be a single tree. Unfortunately more trees can't be planted due to the overhead electric cables :(

This work is part of the revegetation project that will landscape the tram-line from King William Road to South Road. It's a long slow project with a budget of $150k over 3 years.


  1. This is really sad corner.
    I look forward to the landscaping.

  2. It will be a big improvement from the barren wasteland there now.

  3. maybe there could be a bench for the keen train spotters to sit on


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