Free Public Transport

I’m not used to driving in peak hour traffic in Adelaide.
Today I had to venture out.
My route took me:
South on South Road
East on Cross Road
North on Goodwood Road (city bound).

On Goodwood Road there was no obstruction to traffic and yet the traffic crawled along. Many stop/starts, mostly stopped. When I was moving, my maximum speed was 15kph. It took 15-20 minutes to travel from Cross Road to Leader Street (where I exited the chaos).

Is it like that every day?
How can people bear it? Why do it day after day?
People should be catching public transport to get there sooner and to save money.

The Government should be campaigning (more) to get more bums on seats on trains, buses and trams. I stand by my belief that public transport should be 100% free. (Yes, I know that it will come from our taxes.) It should be a free and highly effective service.

Free public transport would significantly reduce the outer metro gridlock on Goodwood Road (and King William Road, Unley Road, Duthy Street, …) . A bonus is that with reduced traffic, the roads would be safer for cyclists.

It just makes sense!


  1. I do support this.
    Whatever it takes to make roads safer for cyclists.

  2. a brave call about free public transport.
    But I think it would work.
    You should push it with the Government.

  3. A good idea.
    It would solve our traffic problems.
    Roads could become one lane with the other reserved for buses and cyclists.

  4. Mr Pisoni, what about progressing this as a Liberal policy?
    It's a good idea.

  5. I doubt that David Pisoni (MP for Unley) reads my blog so I will forward your comment to him.
    I'll also send it to Steph Key (MP for Ashford). She may be able to influence the Government.

  6. would love to see Steph or David support this initiative.
    a fantastic idea.

  7. a very sensible proposal.
    It would reduce the traffic gridlock and provide more safety for cyclists.

  8. It's a good idea.
    Simply tax everyone $100 a year and provide free local public transport.
    Too simple

  9. If the Govermnet isn't interested, then the Liberals should consider it.
    The idea does have merit.
    There are so many savings.
    But, there must be a reliable public transport system to make it work.

  10. Fantastic idea.
    It's worth a try or developing a policy.
    I am sure it would be hugely popular.


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