'Final' U-turn design @Wayville

Greenhill Road Median Safety Improvements Project

Following the ‘recent’ workshops with residents, the Transport Department (DPTI) has released a document that outlines key issues and suggestions raised – and provides responses from the DPTI project team.
DPTI will be letterboxing this document to residents over the coming days.

Below is a copy of the document.
I have presented Wayville first followed by the other affected areas East on Greenhill Road.

King William Road to Goodwood Road - Greenhill Road Working Session 3:
Wednesday 14 May 2014
Workshop 3 was attended by 20 local stakeholders, including one Elected Member of Council (Bob Schnell) and one community organisation representative.
Three apologies were received following mail out of the invitation to attend this Workshop.
Stakeholder Comments
58. Significant support for this concept – with consideration of reducing conflict points / some right turn movements.
59. Latvian Hall (Clark Street) regularly has up to 500 people attending on weeknights and weekends.
·         Considered. Information passed onto Council.
60. Concerned with performing U-turns across Greenhill Road traffic
·         Concern noted. U-turn facilities are proven to be safer than unrestricted right turn movements across major arterial roads.
61. Feel that there is not enough room to complete U-turn (parking also reduce turning circle).
·         This has been tested. There is sufficient room for an 8.8 m service vehicle to undertake a U-turn at the new facilities proposed for the Greenhill Road median.
62. Open Bartley Crescent to left out only (restrict left in)
·         This suggestion has been forwarded on to the City of Unley. Local road access and management is the responsibility of Council.
63. Keep Clear zones should have stop bars
·         This has been considered and is included in the revised plan.
64. Improve sight distances
·         This is being considered and will be further investigated in collaboration with Council and other stakeholders.
65. Clearways are good for cyclists
66. Ensure right turn access points along Greenhill Road median do not allow U-turns.
·         This has been considered and right turn and U-turn facilities within the revised plan have been designed to prevent further conflict associated with multiple conflict points. An example of this approach can be seen on the median treatment opposite Clark Street, where the northern (eastbound) carriageway side of the median has been extended to prevent U-turns or right turn movements into Clark Street from Greenhill Road (while maintaining the right turn out).
67. Support for possible right turn in at one point and right turn out at the other point (Joslin and Clark). A concept (right turn in at Joslin and right turn out at Clarke) was supplied by one group participant. One participant preferred the reverse of this suggestion, while some others felt that this may cause more ‘rat running’.
·         Right turn into Joslin Street can be accommodated and cycle and pedestrian access can also be accommodated to the east of the right turn in lane.
·         Right out only at Clark Street can be accommodated.
68. Ban parking between Greenhill Road and Greenhill Lane / restrict parking in side streets close to Greenhill Road.
·         The matter of reducing parking on Clark Street is a Council issue and has been forwarded on for their consideration.
69. Provide a U-turn facility east of pedestrian crossing for west bound traffic.
·         A right turn facility has been provided out of Clark Street in the revised plan. A U-turn facility for west-bound traffic is provided just to the west of Sir Lewis Cohen Avenue.
70. Right turn out – extend slip lane east bound on Greenhill Road.
·         See response to Point 39.
71. Remove U-turn at Annesley College.
·         A U-turn facility has been maintained within the plan in this vicinity to accommodate for any future development of the site at the corner of Greenhill Road and Bartley Crescent.
72. Consider the new development planned for the corner of Greenhill Road and Bartley Crescent and how this traffic will affect our local streets.
·         Considered. U-turn facility provided in this location to cater for any increased demand for access to this area.
73. Change pedestrian crossing for Adelaide Showgrounds (near Young Street) into traffic signals and allow signalised right turn movements onto Goodwood Road from Young Street.
·         Formalising traffic lights at the junction of Goodwood Road and Young Street, Wayville, would exacerbate rat running through the local street network the area, which is not desired.
74. Some participants indicated that they ‘can’t live’ with the U- turn option proposed near Sir Lewis Cohen for Clark Street.
·         No U-turn facility is planned to be installed adjacent to Clark Street. The revised plan allows for right turn out only from Clark Street.
75. Provide traffic lights for westbound traffic on Greenhill at Sir Lewis Cohen - which would allow right out of Sir Lewis Cohen without merging.
·         DPTI does not want to add any further traffic lights to this main arterial road. Such a change would significantly alter commuter movements and would likely result in an increase in the proportion of traffic that use Sir Lewis Cohen Avenue and rat run through Joslin Street, Rose Terrace and Young Terrace.
76. Provide traffic lights at Clark Street with Pedestrian crossing
·         While there is not a requirement to add a pedestrian crossing at the junction of Clark Street and Greenhill Road (these are generally only required on major arterial roads to access major service facilities, such as schools or hospitals), the project team have allowed for a new median cut through pedestrian crossing (pram, wheelchair accessible) into the revised design (just west of Clark Street).
77. Restrict parking at the top (northern) end of Clark Street - as Meals on Wheels have their own car park
·         Following review of the concept design (right out of Clark Street only), parking restrictions are unlikely to be required at the northern end of Clark Street. This comment has been forwarded onto the City of Unley for their consideration.
·         The revised plan (right turn out only from Clark Street) reduces the conflict points (by removing the ability to and enhances the ability of vehicles to turn out of Clark Street – reducing the conflict between queuing vehicles and parked cars.
78. Parking considered dangerous on Greenhill Road.
·         See response to point 8.

That’s the end of the Wayville area.
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I won’t bother with the remaining 2 areas (not in my Council Ward area).
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Unley Road to King William Road - Greenhill Road Safety Upgrade Working Session 1:
Thursday, 8 May 2014
Workshop 1 was attended by 6 community members and included 2 City of Unley Elected Members.
There was only one apology for this Workshop from a Miller Street, Unley resident.
Key Stakeholder Comments
1. Support Keep Clear line markings proposed across from Robert Street.
o These markings have been incorporated into the Greenhill Road Median Safety Improvement
Project revised plan. The plan also includes stop bars in order to delineate the precise area
of the Keep Clear zone in this area.
2. Would like a pram friendly pedestrian crossing considered for installation across the Greenhill Road median –
to be located across from the eastern pathway on Palmerston Street (in line with existing protuberance on
northern side of Greenhill Road).
o A cut through in the central median, for ease of access by pedestrians, is provided in the
revised plan.
3. Would like an additional cycle connection considered for installation across the median at Salisbury Street –
at road level. Cyclists currently cross here – so need to maintain a cut through access across the road for
o This has been considered but cannot be accommodated due to the conflict with traffic
turning right onto Unley Road and a U-turn facility provided in this location. An additional
cycling crossing will be provided at Palmerston Road.
4. Accept closure of right turn into Robert Street from Greenhill Road – but would like consideration of
maintaining right turn out of Robert Street to Greenhill Road. Needs to be explored in context of effect on
other U-turn areas.
o Maintaining right turn access out of Robert Street has been considered and incorporated in
the revised plan.
o Right turn access into Robert Street from Greenhill Road has been restricted in the revised
plan to reduce conflict points.
o Restriction of the right turn into Roberts Street has enabled a cut through pedestrian
crossing to be included within the revised plan. This is located within the median - just to
the west of Roberts Street.
5. Consider a merge lane to Greenhill Road – from a (potential) right turn out only from Robert Street (only
suggested by one stakeholder).
o This suggestion was considered and will not be incorporated into the revised plan for safety
reasons. It is safer for motorists to look each way and then turn into Greenhill Road than it is
to look over the shoulder and merge.
6. Concerned that if the U-turn (near King William Road) is implemented, that it may be closed in years to come
(if it does not work being located so close to an intersection).
o DPTI is aware of this concern. There are no plans to close the U-turn facilities in the future.
7. Advise Adelaide City Council of the parking issues / conflict experienced on the northern side of Greenhill
Road. Consider access to the Hockey Club and Tennis Club as this produces traffic conflict in this area
(discuss with ACC).
o DPTI will forward onto ACC for their consideration.
o Access to the Hockey Club has been considered and a U-turn facility has been provided in the
revised concept to maintain access for west bound traffic.
8. Acknowledgement that extending Clearways (potentially from 7am to 10am) will impact on parking in the
nearby side streets. Initial support amongst participants for extending Clearway hours – but need to first
understand how this will impact on parking in local side streets and business impacts. This will require
further consultation and planning in collaboration with the City of Unley and Adelaide City Council.
o The extension of Clearway hours is being investigated as a separate, but related, DPTI
project. Further consultation will be undertaken with Councils and other stakeholders in this
regard at a date to still be determined.
9. Consideration of conflict between vehicles turning left from Peacock Road and vehicles exiting the U-turn
o Vehicles undertaking the U-turn will have to give way to all traffic (as required by law). A
dedicated U-turn lane for this movement, combined with the reduction of traffic conflict
points will make giving way to oncoming traffic much easier than is currently the case at the
open junctions within the Greenhill Road median.
10. Look at ‘pulling back’ the indent (reduce median) within the U-turn pull in lane (across from Roberts Street) –
so that motorists can more easily undertake this manoeuvre (cross straight over to the U-turn facility).
Suggested cutting the median in further at this location.
o The revised design at Roberts Street allows for a right turn out of Roberts Street into
Greenhill Road. This will allow for greater residential access at this location than the initial
concept (which restricted all right turns). This revised design addresses the crash history at
this location (most of which were as a result of right turn movements into Roberts Street) by
reducing the right turn movements from Greenhill Road.
o The U-turn facility (located just west of Roberts Street) can be used for access into the
Adelaide Park Lands sporting grounds, as well as providing access for Palmerston and
Salisbury Streets to make the right turn movement into Greenhill Road.
o A pedestrian crossing will be installed within the median just east of Clark Street, while an
extra cut through cycle crossing will be provided within the median across from Palmerston
11. Optimise balance between storage and space
o This has been considered by the engineers and team when revising the concept.
o Additional storage space will be provided for east bound traffic turning right onto King
William Road, Unley Road and George Street from Greenhill Road and westbound traffic
turning right onto Goodwood and Peacock Roads.
12. Consider the delays this may result in for vehicles turning left from Unley Road to Greenhill Road
o Considered. No additional delays are anticipated with the revised design.
13. Support for the 2 x right turn lanes to Peacock Road from Greenhill Road
o The concept review process considered the level of support to maintain this additional
storage and has maintained the two right turn lanes in this location.
14. Stop Rat Running through local streets
o This area is renowned for rat running, with commuters regularly using the residential side
streets instead of the intended main roads to avoid heavy traffic, long delays at traffic signals
or other obstacles, even where there are traffic calming measures to discourage them, or
laws against taking certain routes.
o Greenhill Road median right turn restrictions will not only improve safety on Greenhill Road,
but are likely to also deter a proportion of ’rat running’ through the local side streets.
o The City of Unley Council has also committed to look further into the reported ‘rat running’

George Street to Unley Road - Greenhill Road Safety Upgraded Working Session 2:
Tuesday, 13 May 2014
Workshop 2 was attended by 15 local stakeholders, including two local Council members and one Greenhill Road
business representative.
Two apologies were received following mail out of the invitation to attend this Workshop.
Stakeholder Comments
15. There was definitely strong support from a number of group participants who recognised the benefits of
removing the right turns. A Greenhill Road business stakeholder and a number of participants from Porter
Street (who were initially in opposition to the right turn restriction proposal) were supportive of the benefits
of restricting right turn access to and from Greenhill Road.
o The revised plan restricts all right turns in this section, with 5 new U-turn facilities proposed
within this section.
16. Some support for the addition of U-turns on either side of Porter Street.
o See response to Point 15.
17. Approximately half of all group participants perceived the removal of right turn access to be a major
inconvenience (particularly those stakeholders from Liston Street and Porter Street).
o The project team reviewed the design based upon the feedback and has reinstated the Uturn
facility to the west of Liston Street which will service those exiting from Liston Street
and Douglas Street for easterly travel.
18. More than half of all Workshop participants supported restricting right turns in and out of Liston Street.
o Acknowledge that removal of right access will be an inconvenience to some; however, their
implementation will significantly reduce the incidence of crashes on Greenhill Road.
o The revised plan restricts right turns to Liston Street, with U-turn facilities located either side
of this street junction to maintain access and improve safety for local businesses and
residents. Removal of this conflict point is predicted to eliminate the incidence of crashes in
this location – significantly improving safety.
o A right turn out only from Liston Street was considered, but the U-turn facility could then not
be provided. A U-turn is considered essential for access by local stakeholders if any of the
right turn movements are restricted. Two U-turn facilities are also provided in the revised
plan for this location.
19. Some suggested that it would be difficult to cross 3 lanes of traffic and then perform a U-turn in front of
oncoming traffic.
o Traffic currently crosses 3 lanes and turns onto Greenhill Road in a similar scenario to the Uturn
facility. The key design difference is the removal of conflicting traffic movements in the
one location.
20. Need space to move across to median U-turn lane and this could be problematic in peak hour traffic.
o This was one of the key drivers for the installation of the ‘Keep Clear’ messages and was
designed to allow for unrestricted access into the U-turn facilities during peak times.
21. There was limited discussion and consideration of the ‘positive’ aspects associated with increased storage
within the U-turn slip lane.
o The additional storage space provided in the median for the U-turn facilities is likely to
reduce the length of queuing into the side streets.
22. One stakeholder felt very strongly that traffic would be unable to easily move across Greenhill Road to enter
the proposed U-turn lane.
o This issue was carefully considered. ‘Keep Clear’ messages will also be installed on the road
surface to increase the ease in which the U-turn facilities can be accessed.
23. Unley Council to review access in the area with respect to Clyde / Townsend Avenue.
o This feedback has been provided to the City of Unley.
24. Advise the City of Unley to review the design and construction of speed humps in this area (it was suggested
that Hughes Street has better designed speed humps)
o This feedback has been provided to the City of Unley.
25. City of Unley stated that they are reviewing local area traffic management (to commence in the next few
26. The right turn signals at Greenhill Road / George Street was raised as an issue.
o This has been considered and the addition of right turn signals at this intersection is
currently being planned for the 2014/15 financial year.
27. Written suggestion: Could right turn control be added at TS/80 first?
o Traffic Signals TS/80 refers to Magill Rd/Glynburn Rd intersection. If referring to Greenhill
Road / George Street – refer to the point above.
28. Why is there a bus zone located on the eastern side of Douglas Street on Greenhill Road? There is only one
bus per day here. This does not need to be a bus zone all day (only during hours it is utilised).
o The bus zone is currently required; however, further consultation with the City of Unley can
take place to revisit the idea of allowing parking outside of the hours when this is utilised.
29. Support U-turn concept near Montpellier Street.
o U-turn facilities have been provided on either side of Montellier Street.
30. Greenhill Road business stakeholder strongly supported DPTI concept design and suggested that other
residents attending the Working Group Session (concerned about not being able to undertake a U-turn in
peak traffic) try the U-turn constructed in front of Wayville before they rejected the idea.
31. One Liston Street resident was not concerned about losing the right turn access in and out of Liston Street.
He has witnessed terrifying accidents during his time living on Liston Street. This long term resident also
mentioned sight lines need to be improved and stated that it is just as difficult to perform a left turn out of
Liston Street to Greenhill Road as it is to undertake a right turn.
o This has been considered and parking restrictions either side of the junctions of Greenhill
Road and side streets are currently being investigated.
o Further consultation will be undertaken in regard to the proposal to remove some parking
on Greenhill Road (either side of the side streets) in order to improve sight lines. This
consultation will likely be undertaken at the same time as consultation in regard to the
proposal to extend Clearway hours. Furthermore, this consultation will need to be
undertaken in collaboration with the City of Unley.
32. Another couple of Liston Street residents strongly opposed removing right turn access in and out of Liston
Street. One of these stakeholders commented that they wanted Liston Street to remain open to right turns
even though she felt like she was “risking my life every time I performed one (a right hand turn onto Greenhill
33. Could Liston and Douglas Street be one way south-bound?
o This is a Council decision and this suggestion has been passed onto the City of Unley for their
34. A number of attendees expressed their support for the Porter Street option (restricting right turns and
enhancing cycle and pedestrian access).
o Right turn movements remain restricted in the revised plan, with improved and separated
‘cut through’ pedestrian and cycle access to be constructed across the median.
35. One Porter Street stakeholder strongly opposed the Porter Street median being closed and presented an
option he had previously sent to the project team. This stakeholder, however, did not receive support from
other Stakeholders at Table 1.
o Due to a relatively high number of crashes recorded at Porter Street, this street will be
totally restricted (cycle and pedestrian access only), with U-turn facilities provided to
maintain local access.
36. One stakeholder commented that the more accessible Porter Street is - the more traffic will use it.
37. The was significant support to restrict car parking on Greenhill Road on the eastern side of Porter Street and
Liston Street to improve site lines.
o This has been considered and parking restrictions near the junctions of Greenhill Road and
side streets are being investigated. See responses to Point 31.
38. Sight lines for traffic accessing Greenhill Road from side streets is poor. Need to extend Clearway hours and
parking restrictions on the eastern approach to each junction to improve sight distance.
o See response to Point 8, 31 & 37.
39. Some suggested a slip lane to help them merge with Greenhill Road traffic.
o Slip lanes will not be provided from the U-turn facilities, as this requires drivers to merge
while looking over their shoulder and this is not considered as safe as turning into the lane
from the U-turn facility where drivers have improved sight lines.
40. Ban parking in Porter Street during peak periods.
o This suggestion has been passed on to the City of Unley.
41. Extend Clearway times. This was largely supported, with acknowledgement that further consultation would
be required with Greenhill Road businesses and stakeholders located on the adjacent side streets.
o See Point 8, 31 & 38.
42. Stop U-turns at Porter Street now as a first step. Conflict between vehicles making a U-turn and those
making right turns is a major issue.
o There has been only one U-turn accident documented at this location. No right turns or Uturns
will be permitted by motorists through the Greenhill Road median across from Porter
43. The majority of participants agreed that they rely on the current congestion on Greenhill Road during peak
periods to undertake right turns. Only during these periods does the traffic bank up enough to stop traffic
and allow vehicles to cross the Greenhill Road from the side streets. This access relies on Greenhill Road
traffic keeping clear of the junctions. It was stated that formalising the keep clear areas would assist turning
movements across Greenhill Road.
o This has been considered and Keep Clear areas are proposed to be further refined through
the addition of stop bars.
44. A pedestrian crossing was suggested by a couple of participants.
o The revised plan incorporates ’cut through areas in the central median’, which separate
pedestrian and cycle access across the median from Porter Street.
45. A large refuge for bikes is required in the middle (of median across from Porter Street).
o This has been considered and has been included in the revised plan.
46. Concern in regard to the impact on local traffic i.e. Regent Street and George Street.
o This issue has been referred to the City of Unley.
47. Suggestions:
a. Have yellow flashing lights where cyclists and pedestrians cross.
o This is a non-standard treatment for a multi-lane arterial road and could create confusion as to who
has priority at the crossing. DPTI does not support this approach.
b. Grade separation at Porter Street – overpass / underpass
o This is not currently economically viable.
c. Have a right turn arrow (light) at George / Hutt Street
o See point 26
48. Some could live with the current scheme with the addition of ‘Keep Clear’ on the northern carriageway of
Greenhill Road and/or removal of on-street parking and/or installation of pedestrian crossing/yellow flashing
light scheme.
o The application of the ‘Keep Clear’ signage has been dictated by the relevant Australian Standards.
The use of the ‘Keep Clear’ on the northern carriageway is outside of the parameters set by the
Australian Standards.
49. U-turns were too close to the signals (in first concept)
o This has been considered in the revised plan.
50. Need to cater for Haighs truck to do U-turns.
o This has been considered in the design development and these turns can be accommodated.
51. Encourage parking for Haigh’s on northern side of Greenhill Road during business hours.
o This has been forwarded onto to Haigh’s Chocolates, but is outside of the scope of DPTI.
52. A cyclist felt the new concept does not address the two outside lanes coming to a stop and the inside lane
‘charging’ through the Keep Clear areas and ‘collecting cyclist’ (sight line issue for both cyclist and motorist).
o This has been considered by the design team and stop bars have been included on either side of the
Keep Clear zones in order to reduce the incidence of this occurring by formalising the stop zone
(when traffic queues to these areas).
53. Can you have ‘Keep Clear’ on both sides on Greenhill Road?
o No. Refer to Point 48.
54. Some stakeholders were happy with the Douglas Street concept.
55. The majority of participants supported the closure of the Porter Street median (with the exception of a few
residents who live in this street).
56. City of Unley has undertaken a cycle count – 300 cyclists in am (in 2hrs) and similar numbers recorded in the
pm (but more staggered in the evening).
57. Desire for paved path within the parklands – parallel and adjacent to Greenhill Road – located between King
William Road and the Porter Street area.

o This information will be passed on to Adelaide City Council.


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