Bogan Bingo

The Goodwood Community Centre is the most popular quiz and bingo venue in Unley. It's a good location and has heaps of parking.
If you're a natural bogan or want to be one for the night, then slip on the ugg boots and Holden jacket and step out ...

Here is information about a charity bogan themed bingo night on Friday 04 July.

Daw House Hospice Foundation is constantly fundraising with events and raffles, but this is about having some fun. Bogan Bingo lets everyone be completely silly and go overboard with dressing up just for the fun of it. The evening will be full of gags, gifts and maybe even some glitter... Whatever happens, it is sure to be a lot of fun and truly entertaining.
Prize for best dressed Bogan!

Doors open 6.30pm for eyes down 7.00pm
Where: Goodwood Community Centre. 32 - 34 Rosa St. Goodwood (behind the Library)
BYO food, drinks available.

No tickets at door, pre-sale only. $25 from 08 8275 1142 

M-rated fun hosted by Australian Tourism College and Recruitment Centre and Bogan Bingo.

Proceeds to Daw House Hospice Foundation.

Daw House Hospice Foundation needs to raise $97,500 per year to assist in all services for end of life care, including funding for the Complementary Care Centre. The Centre helps with providing treatment to people spending there last days in the Hospice and the Southern Community by offering Massage, Art Therapy, Aromatherapy, Hypnotherapy and beneficial therapies.


  1. If I wear my Ford jacket and ugg boots would I be a Bogan?

  2. Only if you wear them outside your home.

  3. This weather I wear my ugg boots all the time at home.
    Sometimes I wear them when I go shopping at Coles, Target etc. but never for more formal outings especially when shopping in the city.

  4. I have nice pink long leg uggies and I don't think they are Bogan boots.

  5. They sound nice. Luv those high pink uggies.


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