Wayville woes ease

Last Wednesday I attended a meeting with Wayville residents and staff from the Department of Transport (DPTI).

It was a workshop to review the DPTI proposal to change the traffic flow across the median strip on Greenhill Road - in particular, at the intersections with Clark and Joslin Streets.

There was a healthy number of residents there, but I did envisage a bigger attendance.
The residents split into 3 groups and work-shopped issues of concern and alternative designs.

The end result was that all residents seemed to agree on a revised design viz.
At Clark Street, Left in, Left out and only Right out (across the median strip).
At Joslin Street, Left in, Left out and only Right in (across the median strip).

Given the feedback provided by the residents, DPTI will now formally modify the proposal.
It does seem to work on paper.

Oh and another proposal I raised on the night ... the design will consider making Bartley Crescent 2-way to enable residents to access Greenhill Road.


  1. Thanks for the update.
    I support the change to Bartley Crescent making it 2-way.
    This will mean locals don't have to travel along Rose Terrace to access Greenhill Road.


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