Martin jumps the fence

Incredible news today about Liberal MP Martin Hamilton-Smith leaving the Liberals and joining Jay Weatherill's Government as an Independent and a Minister.
I can understand his frustration and vision for getting things done.
He can now deliver his plans for SA in his portfolio areas; initiatives that the Liberals failed to embrace at the recent State Election.
This will shore up Labor's numbers and provide more stability (of the Government) over the next 4 years.

An update later in the day ...
Tonight there have been claims by the Liberals of MHS being a traitor.
If the Liberals were in Labor's position, then such a defection would be seen as a major coup and Labor would be branding their deserter a traitor.
I think that our parliament and the Government will be better for MHS' defection. He is branding himself as an Independent Liberal and he will be able to exercise his skills in his core portfolios over the next 4 years. The State will benefit.
Is the average voter really that concerned? I doubt it? Is he seen by the public as a traitor? I doubt it? Will the State have a better Government? I believe that to be the case?
And my big forecast ... If MHS stands at the next election, will be re-elected? I believe that he will.

I stand by my belief that any Government is richer by the inclusion of independents and others who may defect. 
Political pundits are talking about a major shake-up in the ranks of the Liberals and an over-haul of their policies.


  1. Wow.
    Good news for the State.

  2. Totally agree that the Government will now be more stable.
    Jay Weatherill is a damn good negotiator.
    A good outcome for SA.

  3. Why do you think that Martin Hamilton Smith would join a minority government? I would have thought that he would have more credibility just becoming an independent and pursuing his visions for the future with his pride still intact!

  4. I guess it was more attractive to him to be part of a Government and contribute and achieve rather than be in opposition for another 4 years - and his use by date is approaching.

  5. As a Liberal, I'm not that fussed.
    I believe this will be a good outcome for SA.
    He will perform well and steer Labor in the right directions in his portfolio.
    I can understand the Liberals being upset, but they need restructuring before they can form Government.
    I think Matshall has to go.
    But the big problem who is in their ranks to lead the party. There is a lot of dead wood.
    That's tough for me to say as a Liberal, but I call it as I see it.

  6. I agree.
    Martin is a great asset and would be wasted in the opposition.
    This coup will help to take SA forward.

  7. It's clear and simple. He is a traitor.

    1. Maybe he is. Obviously in your mind.
      But you have to agree that it will be good for SA.
      He will doing what he would have if the Libs had won.
      Personally I thinks the Liberals will be in opposition for another 8 years.
      It time, now, to flush out dead wood in the Lib party.

  8. I was shocked to hear today that Martin's electoral office window had been vandalised.
    So much for Liberals being a peaceful and law abiding mob.
    It will costs us to have it cleaned.
    I am assuming that it wasn't a Labor supporter unhappy with Martin joining their mob.

  9. I'm not a party member and I feel that this is a good outcome for our State.
    Use the best talent available from both sides.

  10. A few days has passed and I've given it some thought.
    SA will have more stability over the next few years and the talent of Martin Hamilton-Smith will be put to use.
    I think the anger will pass and SA will move forward.
    He's a brave man.

  11. James (Liberal)Friday, May 30, 2014

    He may now be enacting Liberal policy in his portfolios, but he is still a traitor.

    1. James, drop the politics and think about it.
      It is a good outcome for the State.
      (and you have your man in the Ministry)


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