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I got sent an online survey about the services and activities of the Dog and Cat Management Board.
I confessed to having a broad knowledge about the Board, but lacked finer details about the research and activities.
I have since reviewed the Board's website and find that it has a lot of interesting and relevant information.
So, if you have a cat or dog problem or just want to know more, then visit the website.

Here's a link to the Dog & Cat Management Board website

and here's an extract from that website on cats ...

There are currently around half a million unowned cats in South Australia.
Each year approximately 15,000 cats are  surrendere to South Australian shelters and of these cats, at least 70% are euthanased. They may arrive at Shelters as strays, ferals or owned cats, but thousands of healthy, sociable cats are destroyed because there are not enough good homes for them.
Ninety per cent of cats presented to shelters are unwanted kittens. Most kittens brought to shelters are too young, too wild, or too sick to be re-homed, and have to be destroyed.
Most cats brought to shelters are from free-living colonies or semi-owned and most kittens are the products of these cats.
Semi-owned cats are those that have food put out for them, but nobody claims ownership of, or responsibility for, them. Many semi-owned cats are either lost or have been dumped.
Free – living and semi-owned cats prey on wildlife, spray strong-smelling urine around houses and cars, fight with companion cats, spread disease, yowl at night, and defaecate in gardens and sandpits. These cats often suffer from very poor health. The average life expectancy of an unowned or semi-owned cat is three years, compared to 12-15 years for an owned, desexed cat.


  1. Roger DereuterTuesday, May 13, 2014

    I visited the website and was impressed by the amount of information available.
    Sad about how many cats and dogs don't get homes.

  2. Makes you want to adopt a cat or dog

  3. I won't publish the comments left by 'Henry Won' on the grounds of inappropriate language and reference to a particular hairdresser.

  4. Actually my name is Henny not Henry. If you are going to accuse me of rudeness then please get it right!


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