Cycle paths = 39,214km

The State has certainly come a long way in recent years with expanding the cycle pathways and network.
The extend of cycle paths is staggering:

  • 39,214km in the Adelaide region
  • 165 cycle routes in the Adelaide region
  • and in the rural areas, 100s of km

The City of Unley is well serviced by cycle paths that carry huge volumes, especially by people living to the south.

And what prompted me to reflect on this?
Last night at a Council workshop some interesting statistics came to light.
In Unley there are:

  • 27km of painted Yellow lines on the roads
  • 9km of painted White lines on the roads
Council is considering the best way to maintain the line markings on the road.


  1. The cyclists are certainly well looked after.

  2. and so they should be
    and there is still a lot to be done to make cycling safer


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