Combat graffiti

An initiative to fight graffiti has gone relatively unreported.
In January 2014 the SA Government announced that rewards of up to $500 will be offered to citizens who dob-in graffiti vandals.
The rewards will be given for information that leads to the conviction of a person for graffiti offences.
Following my query, the Hon John Rau (Attorney General) has advised me that the reward applies to all incidents of graffiti vandalism, except in cases of on one's own property.

Hopefully this will encourage residents to be more vigilant and report all observed graffiti attacks.


  1. Roger DereuterTuesday, May 27, 2014

    Hope a lot of money is paid out for dobbing in graffiti vandals.
    It's a good idea.

  2. I like this idea.
    It should encourage people to be more vigilant.

  3. Surely the Government could handle this a lot more cheaply than offering rewards. Has any bright spark thought of punitive action by the a smack on the bum for graffiti vandals with a cane and 10 smacks for the next offense.


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