U-Turns @ Wayville to go ahead

The Department of Transport (DPTI) received submissions from 104 residents and organisations re the proposed road works in the median strip along Greenhill Road.

On 4th April they wrote to all residents advising that there had been a significant response from residents. 34 supported the scheme, 58 opposed it and 12 were unspecified.

As a result, the design has been modified (as outlined in the letter).
DPTI advises …

These modifications will make it easier and safer for local residents and businesses to access the U-turn facilities.
You are invited to find out more about the latest plans by attending a public meeting on Monday 14 April at 6.00pm at Unley Town Hall. We look forward to seeing you there.
The drawings can be found at www.infrastructure.sa.gov.au/road_projects.
If you would like a copy of the plan sent out please email to DPTI or phone 1300 794 880.

Construction work is scheduled to start in mid to late May 2014 and will be completed by the end of June 2014, weather permitting.

Given the letter from DPTI and the intention to proceed, I encourage residents to attend the meeting on 14 April. If you still have concern, then voice it loudly at the meeting.
Also contact local MP David Pisoni and ask him to lobby on your behalf.


  1. The Adelaide Showgrounds Area Residents Group (ASARG) is opposed to these changes and has pointed out that they will make exit from and entry to Wayville MORE dangerous. ASARG has requested the plans are reviewed after a REAL consultation with local residents. ASARG has letter-boxed all residents of Wayville urging them to attend the meeting on 14th April at 6pn, Unley Town Hall. It is important for residents to have input into these decisions which will adversely affect their daily lives.

  2. ASARG is correct - the changes will make it more dangerous to enter or exit Wayville than at the moment

    Why dont the DPTI do something that would help Wayville residents and stop the rat running through the suburb by banning left hand turns for non residents from Greenhill Rd


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