Millswood Station WILL re-open soon

Ignore the negative article in this week's EC Messenger. What was reported is not fact.
I made a phone call today to follow-up on an email ... and I have it on good authority that Millswood Station will be re-opening as promised by the Premier during the recent election campaign.
The confusion was due to a communication hitch.
It's all sorted and the station WILL re-open.
Trust me!
The target date is still early July 2014.
The local community has expressed interest in sprucing the station surrounds eg. with a mural and gardens etc.
It is long overdue.


  1. I had no doubt that it would.

  2. Fantastic news for Millswood residents.

  3. I will catch the train from Millswood rather than walking to catch a slow bus.

  4. Good news.
    I'm disappointed by the negative reporting by EC Messenger.
    I will be on th first train - been waiting for years!

  5. Thanks to the Premier and Steph Key for making this happen.
    It was an election promise.
    I voted Labor to get the station open.

  6. I can't wait.
    Catching the train at Millswood will be so convenient.

  7. No more long treks in the rain to catch a bus.
    It will be a convenient and fast ride into the city.
    Thanks Bob for plugging away at this.

  8. It's a real generational issue.
    I've never used the station/
    My parents tell me it was open in their days and been shut long ago by the Libs.
    I travel to the city a lot and its no fun walking a long way to catch a slow bus on Goodwood Road.
    I will now use the train at Millswood

  9. Interesting to note Bill's comment.
    It has been closed for so long that younger people can not recall it being open.
    I think it is great news.

  10. I hope that the station is open before winter.
    It is no fun walking in the rain to Goodwood Road.
    This station will be very popular.

  11. I'm so excited about the opening.
    It has been closed for so long.
    It will beat the long walk to catch a bus. Not pleasant in the rain.

  12. Thanks for sorting out the mis information.
    The press just got it wrong.
    I will be on the first train.


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