Top Teacher

We can always recall that special teacher who had a great impact on our schooling and perhaps on our development and outlook on life.
Recognition should be given where it is due.
You now have the opportunity to nominate a person for working in education, child support or child protection.

If you know someone who is worthy of an award, then nominate them.

Here are more details ...

SA Excellence in Public Education Awards

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Nominations are now open for the 2014 SA Excellence in Public Education Awards.

Don’t miss your chance to nominate an outstanding education, child support or protection worker of the South Australian public education and child development system.

The SA Excellence in Public Education Awards recognise and reward dedicated teachers, education leaders and school support staff members who are working hard to improve the quality of teaching and learning for children and young people across the state.

This year, for the first time, nominations are also open to the hardworking Department for Education and Child Development corporate and services employees who have made an exceptional contribution to the lives of young South Australians and their families.

To nominate an inspirational education professional, go to

Find us on Facebook, where you can follow the progress of the awards

Nominations close 5pm, Thursday 10 April.

For further information, contact Virginia Barter on 08 8226 3079 or email


  1. An excellent initiative.
    Our kids' top teachers need to be recognised.

  2. I will be nominating my daughter's class teacher.
    She is wonderful.


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