Joslin Clark U-turns

Residents in land locked Wayville are angry about the State Government's plans to close the median strip on Greenhill Road at Joslin and Clark Streets.
At a recent briefing session, residents voiced their anger.
I am hoping that the Government does listen to the residents' concerns and reconsider and redesign the proposal.
I suspect that little thought was given to the huge impact on locals who are locked in this section of Wayville and are reliant on ease of access via Joslin and Clark.
All residents received a letter from the Goverment and were informed of the proposal.
I urge residents to send a response to the Government.
Unley Council has made a submission about the danger of crossing several lanes of traffic to do a u-turn to enter the local streets.
This section of Wayville is in the electorate of Unley which will probably be retained by David Pisoni. After today's election, I urge residents to contact David and ask him to lobby on your behalf.
Ask him to get the State Government reconsider the design.

I like to think that the Government will genuinely take onboard the residents' objections and either kill the project or re-work it. But, to be on the safe side, please do make a lot of noise and make your local MP accountable.

See my earlier blog post on this subject on 7 March.


  1. I see that David Pisoni was re-elected.
    Now we must get him to sort out this mess.
    I am totally against the proposal.

  2. This is a terrible idea and will hit us Wayville residents hard.
    We won't be able to get in or out.
    I just hope and pray that the Government does listen to our submissions.


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