Get SMS to vote

The election for the SA State Government is fast approaching.

Ms Kay Mousley, the Electoral Commissioner (Electoral Commission of SA) is encouraging people to vote and even provides an SMS reminder. She is also spruiking the 

Here is the information being circulated by the Electoral Commission ...

The State election is on Saturday 15 March.

Remember voting is compulsory.

All electors in SA will receive a letter which contains important information about the election and an EasyVote Card. To help make voting easier, take your EasyVote Card with you when you go to vote.

Can't get to a polling place on election day?

Vote at an Early Voting Centre
For a list of locations in SA, interstate and overseas, visit

Vote outside your electoral district.
If you can't get to a polling place in your electoral district, you can vote as an Absent Voter on election day at any polling place in SA. For a list of polling places visit

Free SMS Reminder.
Get your free SMS Reminder and we’ll contact you on 15 March 2014 to remind you to vote. We will only contact you once. Visit

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