Election Day Traditions

It's been a week since the State Election and we are nearing a result; or so we are told.
There is an interesting mood in the community - one of understanding and acceptance, a reflection of the strength (and acceptance) of our democracy ... and when there is a result, despite 50% voting the other way, the people will totally accept it.
We really are the lucky country!

Lately there has been talk about Neighbour Day (which is not widely known and embraced) and other events that are designed to bring the community together.

There's nothing like a State or Federal Election to bring people together on the streets. On that day there is a tradition of leaving the car at home and walking to the nearest polling booth. The streets are busy with people going off to vote, to do their duty (because it is compulsory). People say hello to neighbours and others along the way, people they don't normally engage with. It's good to see.
Another tradition is for the local school, church or community centre at the polling booth to have a sausage sizzle and cake/food/plant sale. It's a good opportunity to make money for charity or the local community facility.

I'm pleased that these traditions continue.


  1. I agree. It is so nice on election day to walk to the booth and say hello to others out and about.

  2. I worked on a sausage sizzle at our local school.
    We raised $750 on the day.


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