Who's your Daddy?

Went to the Croquet Club in Victoria Square tonight.
Took in the funky atmosphere.
Dined on a Tanqueray number 10 gin and tonic and a Sneaky Pickle burger.
Made a mental note that on the next visit to try the food at the Japanese and Jamaican food stalls on the eastern side.

Moved on to Tuxedo Cat in Hyde Street to see the comedy Who's your Daddy?
A good laugh. Entertained by 5 comedians talking about mundane home life with emphasis on children and their influence on parents.. Thank heavens for the appearance by Lawrence Mooney. He held it together and it ended nicely.
My rating is 3.5 stars.

It's Fringe Festival time so get a life and get out and catch a few shows!

Here's a link for more information ...
Who's your Daddy? The funny side of parenting.

Tip1: Keep an eye out for other shows starring Lawrence Mooney.
Tip 2: Get to the Croquet Club before 8pm to avoid a $5 entrance fee on Friday and Saturday nights.


  1. I must pop in there.
    Only the one G&T?

    1. Yes, just the one G&T.
      I had another one at Tuxedo Cat.

  2. I have often wondered.


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