The Royal Croquet Club - @ Fringe Festival, Victoria Square

The Adelaide Fringe begins this Friday 14 February.
The hottest place to be during the Fringe season will be in Victoria Square @ the Royal Croquet Club!
A massive colourful tent is there with stalls and stuff being setup.
The trendy new bars, Little Miss Mexico and Little Miss Miami will be there.
The Royal Croquet Club (est. 2013) will host live acts, 8 funky themed bars, unique food vendors and of course croquet.
This will generate huge interest in that old and dignified game of croquet ;)
Expect the unexpected ... Pimm's jugs, fairy lights, live chickens, ...

Victoria Square will be abuzz from the 14th of February until the 10th of March.

Enjoy the theatre, entertainment and the ambience.
See you there.


  1. Do they actually play croquet there?

  2. No, I don't think so.
    It's more of a drinking club.

  3. Hey, there is no croquet played there.
    But I still had a good time at the bars and taking in the ambiance.

  4. Walter, you spent too much time at the bars.
    You can play croquet there.


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