The birds and the bees

This hot weather is hard on the birds and bees and other creatures that call our backyards home.
We sit inside comforted by an air conditioner while those outside search for shade and water.
Put low bowls of water in the yard and ideally have an elevated bird bath.
You will be amazed by the life that these water sources attract.
Top up the bird bath daily - in fact, during the days of intense heat I need to top up it up twice a day.
There must be a strong hive of bees in a tree nearby - I've noticed that bees are 'flocking' to the bird bath to get a drink. There are endless flights to and from the water.
Don't be worried about by the bees - just don't stand in their flight path.

Here is a photo of bees drinking from the bird bath at home.
The bird bath is set amongst chilli bushes and an overgrown Italian parsley,
(and yes I know that the bird bath does need a clean).


  1. I'm impressed by the way the bees line up together.
    Why don't they place themselves all around the water?
    Yes Bob you need to clean the bird bath.

    1. A good question Suzanne.
      Bees use the sun and polarised light for navigation.
      They place themselves around the water depending on the angle and position of the sun.
      They will never be scattered all around the water.
      That's why they congregate in a part of the bird bath.


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