Slow in rising

Last week I waited for a few trains whilst at Emerson Crossing, South Road.
I noticed that one of the boom gates was struggling to rise after the passing of the train. This resulted in a 5 seconds delay for traffic per train. Yes, a small amount, but it all adds up with trains every 7.5 minutes each way.
I reported it to the Transport Department and I'm pleased to see that it has been fixed.

I encourage residents to report issues when they see them ... pot holes, signs down, graffiti, faulty street lights, fallen tree branches, rubbish, illegal dumping on the streets ...
Report them to the relevant authority ... Council, SA Water, SA Power Networks (ETSA), SA Government - don't assume that someone else has or will.

I look forward to completion of the rail electrification works and the running of the electric trains.


  1. We need to get the sound of the ding dongs at the rail crossings turned down. Very annoying at night.


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